The social media revolution (in 15 minutes)

– How to use this site

If you are already familiar with newsreaders and social bookmarking sites, then read no further. If not, then it is worth understanding that there are three ways you could use this blog.

You could simply treat it like a website, possibly add it to your bookmarks in your browser, and visit it whenever you want. The disadvantage of this approach is that you won’t know when new stuff is added. For this you need to subscribe to the site and there are two ways of doing this. You can click on the link that allows you to receive email updates or you can receive updated information (posts) from the site via an RSS feed. For those not familiar with RSS, this is a tremendously powerful, but simple piece of technology which allows any website to throw a stream of content out into cyberspace. All it requires is something to catch it with – which is where feedreaders / newsreaders come in. Newsreaders are effectively like an email programme (i.e. Outlook) for RSS feeds. They allow you to catch, read and then manage RSS feeds.

I would strongly recommend using this last method – even if you only use it initially to receive one feed. This is because RSS distribution is going to be one of the principle means by which content is published and distributed going forwards – developing a familiarity with it is therefore important. Feed reading is one of the early iterations of content aggregation and the content aggregation space is going to become (some would argue it is already) the principal commercial battleground in the media world. It is therefore also important to get a feel for how this function is developing. Once you become more immersed in social media you will also find it impossible to operate without a feedreader because you will find interesting sources of information and will want to start to build a personalised media portfolio.

I would recommend using Newsgator as an on-line reader, with its add-on Feed Demon product as a good way of managing your feeds on your desktop. However, there are many others (Google Reader is getting good reviews at the moment).

Lastly, I would strongly recommend signing up to a social bookmarking site. This is the best way of storing and retrieving on-line information (as well as searching for information in its own right). I use and think it is so good I have never really explored other options – there are many others though.


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good site

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nice photo

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cool blog!

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