The social media revolution (in 15 minutes)

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The soundbite explanation

This site is primarly a link blog – i.e. a blog composed of links to other blogs and sources of on-line information. Its purpose is to help people become and remain social media literate – but on the basis of only reading a few articles per week. You can subscribe to this either by using the RSS link on this blog, or by tapping direct into the source of the links posted here – which is a tag

The story in more detail

The trouble with most blogs which cover PR, marketing and communications (indeed the issue with almost all blogs) is that there are very few that are consistently excellent and where every post deserves a read – especially for someone with limited time available. However, there is lots of good stuff out there, which is why the blogs I find most consistently useful are those which are light on opinion and heavy on direction. Steve Rubel is a good example and I also find Constantin Basturea’s PR Digest network very good, in fact it is this that inspired me to do something similar.

However, the issue with even these sites is that each post or update is like an episode in a soap opera. To get the most out of them you already need to be immersed in the plot. The fact is that most of us are not immersed in the plot and don’t have the time (or inclination) to become a web2.0 head. What we need is a much more simplified and lower maintenance resource which will provide an overview of the basics of the social media / web2.0 Thing and allow us to keep up to speed on this important subject – but without devoting hours doing it, or running the risk of “passing over to the geek side”.

I have therefore set up my own resource to be something of a one-click-stop for people wishing to become and remain social media literate but on the basis of no more than 15 minutes reading per week. The articles I am putting into it are therefore either relatively timeless pieces of analysis or opinion or flag “this week’s thing” i.e. the latest piece of YouTubesque frivolity that it is useful to know about ahead of your colleagues.

I started off by creating a tag that I directed people to – but recognising that for those not yet familar with social networking this can be a little complicated, I am now also posting these articles to this blog (also, not being much of a techy I have only recently worked out how to post from a account to a blog).


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Very Good. You’re doing micro blogging in Delicious and backing up for everybody in your blog. Thanks to you I discovered how to post from a account to a WordPresss. Now I have to see if it works for anysite. ShareThis is a great tool, cause you place a one click sharing button in your browser. So when you are saving things in a box while you are sharing to Delicious, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook.

Comment by Gisele Diaz

A truly excellent blog and one that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Comment by Qubra Din (@qubradin)

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