The social media revolution (in 15 minutes)

links for 2009-05-19
May 19, 2009, 1:04 pm
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  • A bold initiative from Ford. Give 100 social media types a new Fiesta and ask them to talk about it. It contains all the necessaries in terms of use of tags, twitter, YouTube etc and is focused on producing and spreading content rather than just seeing this as a media channel (unlike the recent Land Rover #LRNY effort). However, I am not sure the content they are looking to create is sufficiently relevant to a Fiesta brand story. Also – I am not sure how dependant the whole exercise is on driving people to this website – rather then seeing how the content can work when it is out on its own. Worth keeping an eye on though.
  • Dell is pretty advanced in this social media stuff. But even they can make mistakes. They are currently tackling the hardest of the 3Cs (Content, Converstaion, Community) – the community bit. I usually advise comopanies to stay away from creating your own communities and instead focus on support to communities that are already out there. However, if you do decide to try and create your own community, be absolutely sure what the community proposition is all about (like you would be with a marketing proposition and an ad). Dell may not have really worked out their proposition here.

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