The social media revolution (in 15 minutes)

Gravitational Mass Media
March 2, 2009, 2:55 pm
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Here is the first and only post in a lonely blog (post doesn’t even have a real title) – but a good post none-the-less in terms of starting to think differently about media,  content and a strategy that involves putting niche stuff out there that draws people to it (hence the ‘gravitational’).  Its what I call a digital bait strategy and the shift from buying media to making media – expressed here as shifting from renting media (i.e. space alongside content) to owning media.

Not quite sure it the Mass in the term refers to Mass Media or Gravitational Mass.  Should be the later in my opinion.

Thanks to Andy Lark for spotting this (some time ago)


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Very interesting point that you make! So how do you suggest getting your “niche stuff out there” to have people drawn in? How do I get people to see it?

Comment by media buying

My advice is to create a content hub (using a blog platform) that you can use to launch an extensive range of material into the space. And you don’t “get people to see it” – that’s what you did when you had a web site – you find out what people are already talking about that is relevant to what you do and you start to talk to them.

Comment by richardstacy

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