The social media revolution (in 15 minutes)

The social media revolution on one page (sort of)
July 29, 2008, 5:10 pm
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“So what is social media then?” I seem to spend so much time attempting to answer that question these days – not just answering it but also justifying why it is a ‘Big Thing’ and not just a flash in the pan. I am rarely 100 per cent confident that I nail it with the answer – which is a worry. Neither am I 100 per cent confident that many others out there have nailed it either – the blogosphere and conferenceosphere is littered with vague exhortations about ‘joining the conversation’, ‘two-way rather than one-way dialogue’, ‘democratisation of media’ etc etc etc. All true enough but all rather woolly stuff.

I have therefore tried to nail it all on one page so the next time I get the challenge – I can say “read this and believe”. Actually, if I am honest I want people to read this and then pay me and / or the organisations I work with, money to help them do something about it.

I have cheated actually, because while I have produced a one page pdf it is backed up by seven other linked pages. You could say – why bother with the pdf, why not just circulate the link? The answer is that most of the people who ask the question are still much more comfortable sharing in the email world rather than the on-line world and opening an attachment and forwarding an email is familiar behaviour.

Anyway – here it is (and here is the on-line version). If you like it, pass it on. If you think you can do something better – do something better and pass it on.


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