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OpenSocial: the big news this week
November 2, 2007, 5:16 pm
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A big techy thing has happened this week which is likely to have implications for the whole social networking / social media space. The news is that Google have made a big move – creating OpenSocial, which is essentially a collaboration between many of the leading players such as My Space, to create a common language which will allow specific applications (like the sort of applications that have proliferated on Facebook – but only run within Facebook) to run within any social network or web site.

This latest development will speed up an important process I mentioned a while back – the creation of what I called called Ning Things, i.e. specialised bespoke social networks around ideas, causes, concepts etc. – because it will remove the need for small players to do the technical heavy lifting in creating their own platforms, and also make it easier for the existing big players to focus on hosting – allowing and encouraging specialists to build their own houses within this infrastructure. It will also encourage the development of what I call social clusters – especially the large number of small or niche clusters.

Good analysis of the implications of this announcement are a bit thin on the ground at the moment – most of it is rather techy – but when good stuff appears, I will put it up.

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