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Mahalo – new search engine / research tool
June 8, 2007, 1:56 pm
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Mahalo is an interesting new search engine -that is based on having a layer of human analysis. Its founder, Jason Calcanis, makes the good point that because of the nature of spider type search engines we have a whole industry – search engine optimisation – re-designing sites to make them appealing to machine rather than a human. Because of the need for human involvement – Mahalo only effectively covers the most popular end of the spectrum – but if you are looking for something here it is bit like having your own personal researcher to pull together a folder for you. Good example – check out this for a search on Rupert Murdoch. It feels to me that this will therefore sit closer to wikipedia as a research tool rather than a search engine. Perhaps even the name of Mahalo betrays acknowledgement of this – since both incorporate a Hawaiian word – Mahalo being “thank you” and wiki being “quick”

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